Rug Works
The Custom Rug Designs of Chris McCloskey

Hi, I am Chris McCloskey, artist / owner of Rug works. Rug Works takes carpets to a whole new level. I create unique works of art using luxurious carpet. Inlaid color and sculpted designs create a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece that expresses the clients individual style.

Residential or Commercial
   Hand crafted one-of-a-kind carpets and rugs add elegance and sophistication to any commercial or residential interior. Based in New Jersey Iíve created many rugs for clients in Princeton, New York, and Philadelphia. I have also serviced customers from Michigan, Georgia, Conneticut, and Bermuda. My corperate cliental include General Motors, Marriott, XL America, Middle East Television Network and more.

"The Bonsai" 2003 NARMS Rug Contest top 10 finalist

"The Spa" at the Doral Forrestal in Princeton NJ

"Diamond Border Rug" Private Residence Princeton, NJ

Before and After

"Sunburst" Private Residence Ewing,NJ

Create an Original Masterpiece

With Rug Works

You won't find these rug designs in a store. Each rug is a hand crafted original.

The final product is an elegant masterpiece that inspires pride of ownership.

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