Rug Works
The Custom Rug Designs of Chris McCloskey
"With over 20 years experience working with carpet Chris McCloskey has combined his knowledge of the trade with his natural artist flare to create Rug Works."

Chris McCloskey started working in a carpet store when he was 16. It wasnít long after he was using the carpet scraps to create basic rug designs. In July of 97í he attened National Carpetís Rug Making School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was there that Chris had the good fortune of training under Andre Blaine (considered by many to be the best rug maker in the world). Now after 8 years of working with the latest tools and techniques Chris McCloskey has positioned himself as one of the premiere rug maker on the east coast. To read more about Chris McCloskey and Rug Works click on the link for the article from "The Times Newspaper". It's a two page article that ran as the cover story for the "At Home" section on March 17, 2005.
"The Times" article March 17, 2005 pg.1

"The Times" article March 17, 2005 pg.2

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